Top singer simi slams a fan criticised her boyfriend adekunle golds music.

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– Simi recently blasted a fan who shared her negative opinion about her ‘bae’ Adekunle Gold’s music
– The fan had said all Adekunle’s songs sound the same – The popular singer went aahead to list songs by Adekunle that in her opinion don’t sound the same Music hits the ears of each listener differently. A song may be at the top of the charts with thousands of fans singing along to each line but to another person, that song may be the most boring they’ve ever heard. This is exactly what a fan took to Twitter to do when she wrote that popular Nigerian singer Adekunle Gold’s music sounds the same to her. As such, she feels like she has heard all the new songs he is even yet to release. @Fehintola wrote that “No shade but Adekunle Gold’s songs all sound the same to me. Same style and vibe, whenever he drops a new song I always feel like I’ve heard it before.”
Adekunle Gold’s colleague and girlfriend Simi felt slighted by the fan’s statement and she also took to her own Twitter page to counter what she said. She even went further to share a list of Adekunle’s songs that do not sound the same. “People like you listen to 2 songs from an artist and come online and become music pundit. * Ire * Pick Up * Call All Me * Da*n Delilah ALL sound the same to you. Eku observation.”
This is coming after Adekunle exclusively said that he trusts Simi with his music because she is a better songwriter than he is. “Because she is bae lol. Simi is a better songwriter than me I say it everywhere. She’s been doing this for the longest time. Before his album, for every song that I wrote, I would share with her. I’d ask her to help me check the rhythm, bounce and other things. She corrects me where necessary. For every song that Simi says its okay, I feel good because she is the one person I can run to musically.”

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