Yemi Alade hilariously replies fan who said she was getting too old

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– Yemi Alade recently slammed a fan who attempted to advise her on social media
– The fan had written that she was becoming too old – The famous singer responded by asking the fan to change his bleaching cream The advent of the internet has made it easier for fans to reach out and interact with their favourite celebrities. Sadly, it also affords them the opportunity to insult them. A recent example is what happened between singer Yemi Alade and a nosy fan recently. Identified as @alahji_dan, the fan wrote in the comment section of her recent post that Yemi should start planning her family as she is getting old. He also added that he does not mean to be rude. “You are getting very old don’t you think you should start planning on your family enjoyment like this will not solve anything start a family be a roll model to other celebrities okay I never mean to be rude it just my little advice.” Yemi obviously wasn’t going to allow such a comment go unanswered and she replied that we are all getting old and that she feels he should change his bleaching cream while also adding that she also did not mean to be rude.

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