Lady experiences open doors after neighbors helped her to walk away from an abusive marriage

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– Lady receives open doors after she left an abusive marriage – She was offered a well-paying job and a better life – The lady was maltreated by her husband, her mother-in-law and her husband’s nephew A Nigerian actress has narrated the grass to grace story of a woman who was maltreated in her marriage by her husband and his family. The actress who shared the story on Instagram, revealed that the lady in question goes to her church. The popular Nollywood actress Abiola Segun-Williams who noted that she discovered that the lady was looking finer and healthy. According to Segun-Williams, she had asked after her husband and children when the lady explained that she was divorced. She noted that the woman revealed that her husband and his family had abused her.
She said: “I had planned to write about the message i heard in church today. Being the light everywhere you go.However dark it is, a little light will shine through defying the darkness however contrary.Determined to make that message mine i shone through the majestic doors of the church ready to blaze the glory of God’s light as best as i can then i was confronted by the most infuriating story i have heard in a very long time. I saw a very lovely sister that i have always admired.After a warm hug i asked about her children and husband.She said “oh i am divorced”. Didnt i know? No i didn’t but i noticed in the past one year or so she has been glowing and “fining” anyhow. I didnt know what it was but i always made it a duty to let her know she was looking gorgeous.She radiated so much peace and inner beauty.So today i knew why she had been shinning.Apparently all these many years i knew her she had been suffering terrible physical, verbal and emotional abuse not only from her husband but from his mum, siblings and even his nephew.”
Segun-Williams further revealed that the woman had stayed in the marriage despite everything untill her neigbours called the police on the husband when they heard him beating her. She said the woman realised that she was clutching at straws by staying in the marriage that made her miserable. The actress wrote: “The episode that shook me to my feet was the narration of how her mom in law wanted her attention on her way to the bathroom.She was in a towel.Her husband’s nephew came to call her, she turned to follow him to her mom in law when the young man disrobed her.Took off her towel saying “what is it that you are covering gan” striping her naked to the full view of everyone including her husband who had absolutely nothing to say except that they were training her.
Yeeeee!!My body shook.My light was shining through my ears, my mouth and my eyes in multiples of lightning!!!! Still this woman stayed in the marriage. She continued to endure such gross humiliation and dehumanization from her husband and in laws. One day her neighbours called RRS who took her out of the house because her husband was beating her again and they feared for her life.That was when her eyes opened.She had to be taken away before she realised she was clutching at straws.”
According to her, the woman now has an incredible job, a house in Lekki and a car. She said: “She divorced him,Soon after it,doors began to open for her.She got an incredible job. Moved to Lekki. Bought a very nice car and her light shone even brighter.She is not bitter.Her light is shinning!!.”

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