Entrepreneur Laura Ikeji reveals why she shows off on social media

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– Laura Ikeji reveals why she shows off her ‘wealth’ on social media – The mother of admitted to growing up poor and now needs to show how far she has come in life Wealth moves in silence is definitely not a reasonable phrase to fashion gang leader, Laura Ikeji, who recently revealed why she shows off her ‘wealth’ on social media. Laura hit the limelight following her sister’s breakthrough in blogging. With such fame, the Ikeji sister began her own business and has supposedly made major bucks from it. With their new found wealth, the Ikeji’s have been living the fabulous life on and off social media. In fact, many fans will boast of knowing the interiors of their Banana Island mansion and other material possession they display on social media. A certain social media user recently called out Linda Ikeji for being a show-off and that message might have affected Laura who felt the need to respond to the trolling. In a recent post, the mother of one, revealed why she flaunts her wealth on the gram.
Stating that her choice to show off stems from the fact that she never had so much while growing up. Laura admitted to sharing a one bedroom apartment wit her family and now she lives in a huge mansion and for that reason everyone must see how much progress she has made in life.
Meanwhile, years after her wedding, Laura Ikeji, finally opens up about her ‘edited’ court marriage photos.

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