Actress Shan George speaks of brutal life abroad

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– Actress Shan George has sprinkled sh*t on the cake of many believers of greener pastures lay abroad
– Shan shared a video where she uttered some brutal truths about living in a foreign country with a functional system – According to her, the hustle is ten times harder Nigerian actress, Shan George, has caused a stir on social media after sharing a clip of her shedding some brutal truths about abroad. Contrary to popular belief, Shan revealed that life abroad is not as easy as most people assume it to be. George who has been living abroad for a while advised Nigerians hoping to find greener pastures abroad to not give life in their country up for a harder life in a foreign country. She revealed that the hustle is 10 times harder and one can get drowned in paying bills. George also shared that it is hard to survive if someone doesn’t have a means of paying bills. She said that one can’t afford to lag in paying rent as it can get cause them to lose their homes.

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