You will never be a successful politician – Timaya replies man who opposed his “marriage doesn’t work”

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– Nigerian man took to Instagram to troll on veteran musician Timaya
– This he did with regards to the viral opinion the singer expressed about marriage
– Timaya gave a savage reply to the man, referencing both his marital and political life Popular entertainer Timaya earlier gave a candid advice to Phynofino, a friend and colleague, while they were chilling together with other music stars. The veteran singer louded his opinion about marriage, saying it is a failed institution that does not work anymore. According to him, having children without going through the hassle of getting married is the way to go. Many comments and responses have followed Timaya’s marriage view, but none has made quite a strong statement as the comment of a particular individual identified as Eghosa Agbonifo on Instagram. Eghosa, in a heated post displaying a picture of him and his daughter, expressed a strong opposition to Timaya’s claim about marriage. Although he did not mention the name of the artist in the words he wrote, it was pretty much obvious that he was attacking the Dem Mama musician as well as his personal viewpoint on the marital institution.
The said Nigerian man who appears to be a politician running for a post in the 2019 elections insinuated that people like Timaya sold their phobias in form of advices, and rather than being celebrity role models, they advise people wrongly. In light of this, he warned people not to listen to Timaya and his talks about giving birth alone without getting married:
“Social media is a place where people sell their phobia in form of advise. I… saw a suppose role model advising his friend to impregnate ladies and move on … Don’t be fooled a lot of people are going through a lot and disguise under celebrity status to hide their phobia… Be careful who you take advise from … #Iamhappilymarried.” Well, Timaya didn’t seem to take the politician’s comments lightly. Having seen the statement made about him, he responded sharply and promptly with a rather savage reply. The musician in replying Eghosa made reference to his personal and political life. He first told him that he will never be a successful politician. Then, he blatantly told the man to stop beating his wife: “Lol @ this FOOL. Your strategy no go work. U will never be a successful politician. Be happy with ur marriage and stop beating your wife. Olodo.”
Eghosa made another comment to the celebrity musician, and yet again, Timaya responded and repeated his assertion that his troll would never be a successful politician: “U can’t have anything against me boy. U need the tutoring class and pls go apologise to your beatiful wife for using her as a punching bag. U WILL NEVER BE A SUCCESSFUL POLITICIAN.”
The reason why Timaya inferred that Eghosa is a wife-beater is yet to be known. Given the fact that the said Nigerian man flaunts his wife on Instagram and always talks about being a proud father and husband, the evidence backing up the claim of the seasoned singer might never be known.
However, in contributing to the feud between the politician and popular musician, most fans expressed their disappointment in the singer and remanded him for the unverified claims he made about the politician.

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