He cheated on his wife with me – Actress Princess Shyngle calls out football star

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Ghana-based Gambian actress, Princess Shyngle, has been trending on social media for the past few days. This follows her somewhat controversial interview with on-air-personality, Deloris Frimpong-Manso aka Delay on The Delay Show.
Shyngle in a recent interview revealed how a married football star from Ghana, Michael Essien, once cheated on his wife with her for one year. In the interview, she also made some very interesting revelations about her life which were hitherto unknown before Delay pried them out of her.
Check out five things the actress revealed in her interview below:
1. Michael Essien: Princess Shyngle revealed she once dated former Black Stars midfielder, Michael Essien. According to her, their relationship lasted for about a year and she only broke it off because she found out that Essien was married. The revelation is controversial in the sense that it literally means that Princess Shyngle has exposed the former Chelsea star as cheating on his wife, Akosua Puni. This could have dire consequences over the footballer’s marriage.
2. D-Black (Desmond Blackmore): For rapper D-Black, Shyngle revealed that she dated him for two years. She broke up with him after the rapper decided to set up a nightclub. Explaining why she left, Shyngle stated that though Black was a great guy, he was not always faithful and she felt adding a nightclub to his businesses was going to worsen matters. This is somehow controversial because D-Black is known to have a girlfriend, Dr Yaa Owusu-Baah, with whom he has three kids.
Actually, when Delay asked Shyngle if she knew D-Black was in a relationship, she replied that she did not see it because she spent almost every day at his house but did not find anybody there. This will definitely raise some questions for D-Black to answer as he has not only been exposed cheating with Shyngle but others too if we understand what Shyngle said when she claimed the rapper was not a really faithful person.
3. Emmanuel Adebayor: After mentioning the names of Essien and D-Black as exes, Princess Shyngle revealed that she would like to date Togo international, Emmanuel Adebayor because of his generosity. According to her, she has been chatting with Adebayor and would not hesitate to grab him if the opportunity presents itself. It is quite interesting and unconventional for a woman to make such a public declaration especially with Princess Shyngle’s stress on Adebayor’s generosity.
4. Being in need of a man: The curvaceous Gambian further revealed that she needs a man but there was a caveat. The man should be able to take care of her because she was tired of taking care of herself. According to her, she is looking for a man who is kind and free-giving. That kind of sounds like a ‘May Day’ signal from a sinking ship. Moreover, Princess Shyngle is the same person who recently claimed that she had stopped being in love relationships with men because 99.9% of her ex-boyfriends have all failed to satisfy her in bed.
5. Turning down her $150,000 (N52m) from a man: Interestingly, after revealing that she needed a man to take care of her, Princess Shyngle disclosed that she recently turned down a businessman’s offer of giving her $150,000 to spend a weekend with him. According to her, the man had reached out to her with a proposal of making the brand ambassador of some solar power product. But after some discussions, the man asked that they engage in an affair. When she declined and the proposal, the man called her with the $150,000 offer and she denied that too. This is quite hard to believe considering that generosity (money) counts a lot for Princess Shyngle when it comes to relationships.

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