Newlyweds died on the way to their honeymoon after bride fell asleep while driving

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– An American couple reportedly died in a tragic car accident while on their way to their honeymoon destination
– According to reports, the accident happened after the bride fell asleep on the wheels while driving – The couple had been married for only a few weeks before the tragedy occurred What was supposed to be the beginning of a happy ever after for 28-year-old Amy Moffat and Stephen Graham, was caught short by the death as the couple lost their lives in a car accident, a few weeks after getting married. According to reports, the accident occurred while they were driving to their honeymoon destination. Amy reportedly fell asleep while driving, which eventually led to the accident, causing the red Ford F-150 truck to roll. They were pronounced dead at the scene. A friend of the couple who was driving behind them and witnessed the accident had this to say: ““When the truck went into its first roll, it lifted off the ground and was high enough where both the passenger and I had to look up through the windshield to see the truck above us, and then I slowed down just in time because it landed right in our path,”
The family and friends of the couple who have been thrown into mourning, expressed their sadness over the tragic turn of events. Moffat’s cousin, Aubree Bosen, said there is some peace of mind, even knowing their lives were cut short. “It’s really hard because you want so much for them, but I think the fact that they were together, and they were happy, and they were going on an adventure, it summarizes their life together. I think they’re still on an adventure together and it’s just not what they planned,” Their friend, Luczak, who witnessed the accident said: “I watched them live together, I watched them ride bikes together, smile together, and laugh, and I watched them die together, but they went hand-in-hand through the veil and that gives me reassurance that they’re still together.” So sad!

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