#Osun2018: Crises As Armed ‘Thugs’ Seize PVCs Of Voters

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At least four of the seven polling units where the governorship rerun election held today in Osun state was reportedly marred by some form of irregularities.

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) fixed the rerun following the declaration of Saturday election as inconclusive.

The election is held at ward 10, unit 2 in Ife north local government area; ward 07, unit 12 in Ife south local government area; ward 8, unit 10 in Ife south.

In Orolu local government area, it held at ward 8, unit 1; ward 8, unit 4; ward 09, unit 3; and ward 5, unit 17 in Osogbo local government area.

Ruka Ladosu, a nursing mother, was attacked while heading to her polling unit at ward 9, unit 3, Osogbo, to cast her ballot.

Ladosu narrated how the thugs collected her permanent voter card (PVC) and hit her with a stick.

At ward 8, unit 1, the suspects invaded many polling units and prevented voters from exercising their franchise.

A resident of Orolu, who chose to be anonymous, explained how he was chased out of his village on the eve of the election.

“There is no credible election here in Orolu. The thugs working for the ruling party were brought from Ikire (a neighbouring village,” he said.

“After invading out village yesterday, they sent us out. They know Orolu is the stronghold of their opponent. We took refuge in the palace of Olufon. Now, those of us in the opposition are not allowed to vote. My PVC is with them.”


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