I’m able to thank her for giving birth to me – Young man buys his mom a car

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A man took to social media to show off the gift he got his mother, just because she is his mother.
Parents do the most to look after their children, and sometimes a child is in the position to do something nice for them.
So, it warmed social media users’ hearts when a young entrepreneur shared photos of the gift he got his mom. The young man, who goes by the Twitter handle @ambitious_bk, captioned the post: “25 years later I am able to thank her for giving birth to me… Dear Mama.”
The post inspired social media users, who praised the young man for taking care of his mother and spoiling her with gifts. Karen Musunga, @KarenMusunga, wrote: “Men like you are inspiring. Am sure your wife is a queen. I pray my son does such for me.” Thelma Muzamhindo, who goes by the Twitter handle @MissThelma, commented: “Nkosi yam …. praying for my son in advance !!!! congratulations ….. you must be proud , and I mean very very very proud !!!! Laaaawwwwd bless up !” Social media user @Thabo_Vuyoo43 added: “im inspired and i feel a weight off my shoulders, i wna honour my queen too and its been years wishing, thanx for giving me hope that one day is one day, it might not be now but surely one day…Bless you man.”

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