Bobrisky slams former best friend Aduke and her husband

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Popular controversial celebrity Bobrisky has been picking offence lately with many people who were formerly his friends. Recently, reported his fallout with BBNaija’s Nina. Now, the social media influencer has taken to insulting yet another person who used to be his best friend. This individual is a lady known as Aduke. Aduke is the owner of a hairline and Bobrisky had been promoting the brand as an ambassador. But it would seem he has cut all all connections with the lady and her business. This is due to a huge fallout with her. According to Bobrisky, Aduke and the brand she represents is taking her kindness for granted and he would have none of it.
Bobrisky did not just mete out anger at his former best friend, he also attacked her husband named Moshood. In his usual way of using the English language, Bobrisky talked about how he had been funding the promotion of the brand by doing a giveaway with his personal money. Also, there was the fact that he was at loggerheads with the manager of the hairline. All these and more caused Bobrisky to take to his Snapchat page to lambaste Aduke and her husband and tell them to use the manager as a brand influencer.

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