BBNaija’s Deeone and Princess take a swipe at each other

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Earlier, reported BBNaija’s Ifunnada and Deeone had a brawl on social media following what was supposed to be a joke. It would appear that the Big Brother male contestant is having it out with yet another female housemate. Deeone whose conflict with Ifunnada stirred a lot of conflict has shown that his ‘angry cup’ is not yet full by taking a swipe at yet another female housemate named Princess. The quarrel erupted when Princess talked about an upcoming video show in a video advert. In vouching for the event, she mentioned Deeone’s name and asked him to come pay homage to him. This is due to the sheer fact that Deeone is a comedian, and he has been running on this path ever since leaving the BBNaija house. He was, in fact, the person who put together the comedy show Princess referred to in her video.
Deeone after seeing this remark went on to make a controversial remark about his former housemate. He insinuated that she was a runs girl with big gods. “Pay homage to who?? runs geh?? or small girl with big God?” This statement made by Deeone made Princess angry so that she wrote a remark which fueled the already growing feud.
Princess called Deeone a mad man just as she had other not so pleasant remarks about him. See their full dialogue below:
What’s more, the comedian who bashed Deeone took to threatening the organisation that sponsored the comedy show.
He made the threat in a post which was liked by other BBNaija former contestants like Bitto, Rico and Leo Dasilva. However, the reason for his calling out the organisation is yet to be known.

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