Comedian Akpororo buys his mom a car on her 50th birthday

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– Mother to comedian Akpororo recently marked her 50th birthday

– To celebrate this, the funny celebrity unveiled a bag full of surprises for her

– He started off by gifting her a car and then went on to engage the streets of Lagos Mothers are indeed precious gifts, not just to the children they birth, but to the entire world. With this in mind, many people find an opportunity in any occasion to celebrate their moms.

Celebrities especially go the extra mile for these women who had moulded them into the greatness they have become. Akpororo is one of the many celebrities who have taken to celebrating the first woman in his life in a special way. His mother who clocked 50 years only recently was really given the honour due to her. First off, the comedian had taken to his Instagram page to laud his mother and lavish her with praises on her illustrious day. He picked the right words in celebrating her and showing just how much he loved her. “HAPPY 50TH BIRTHDAY TO MY NUMBER ONE FAN, THE MOTHER OF #ROROKING #roronation help me wish my mum happy earth strong.”

However, the well known comedian did not just stop there. He went ahead to storm her church in Warri just so a thanksgiving service can go in honour of her. During the service, Akpororo performed the heartwarming gesture of gifting his mother a car.
In order to make his gift to her a surprise, the comedian put the car key in a phone case and gave it to her. She had opened it, expecting some other thing, but then, what she saw was the key to her new ride.
Alongside the video of the lovely surprise moment shared on his Instagram page, the comedian who is also known as Roroking wrote yet another gripping caption defending his action and depicting yet again how much ‘Mamaroro’ meant to him.
“Little surprise/gift at church in warri to my super mum, thanks for believing in me, for your advice and prayers. I pray for more strength, favour, grace, peace, health, wealth to fall on you happy 50th birthday to my number one fan. I love you so much bcos you are the best.”
For Akpororo, his mother deserved much more and he was ready to expend himself just to please her. Well, beyond the material gift, the stand up comedian proved yet again that he was all out to make his mother’s golden jubilee a memorable one. In light of this, a street praise jamz was organised solely in honour of her. The comedian who had been performing in several open concerts of this nature for a while did yet another episode. But this time, Mamaroro was the highlight of the programme.
He, alongside some other musicians, wished her happy birthday in song form. They screamed her praise and got the entire street they were on into a frenzy. Love was indeed in the air for the woman that had birthed the celebrity and made him into everything he presently is. A happy birthday to the mother of the illustrious comedian.

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