In Benin City, boys block roads and resist soldiers who tried to intervene!!

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It has been a very chaotic day in Benin city today as scenarios of different climes keep springing up in the city.

Earlier, a police station was set ablaze by thugs but the government claims it is the #Endsars protesters that are behind the incidence.

The government are trying every means possible to stop the #EndSars protest so they are doing anything possible to make the protesters guilty of crimes.

Also, amidst the police station that was set ablaze, it has been reported that prisoners escaped from prison because they were helped by #Endsars protesters.

Another claimed that the #Endsars protesters in Benin are the ones behind this jailbreak by prisoners.

However, Benin city protesters have debunked all the allegations that they were in no way responsible for what the government are claiming they did.

In the rage and anger of these false claims by the government against the #EndSars protesters, some Benin boys have taken it personally as these Benin boys blocked major roads in Benin city causing serious holds up and traffic.

These Benin boys claim that the government is trying to play a fast one on them, they continue by saying that it is the government that employed thugs to cause disarray in Benin city.

Due to the roadblocks, major roads In Benin became blocked and cars couldn’t pass through, this made soldiers intervene but to the shock of many people, these soldiers were resisted by these Benin boys.

One of the boys was even seen pushing a soldier way aggressively. The soldiers who were overpowered by the vast number of Benin boy couldn’t do anything.