EndSARS !! The truth is that our lifestyle provokes the youths – Okorocha

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It’s been five days since the dreadful event that cost many lives took place at the Lekki toll gate in Lagos.

While Lagos has been in a state of chaos and protesters, sad over the event, other states in the country and people outside the country are still carrying the momentum of the protests.

As we hopelessly wait for the Lagos State Government to overcome their ego and heartlessness and confess to sending the army on peaceful protesters, we cannot forget to keep the protests going online because if it stops, it means those people died for nothing.

Over the weekend, former Imo State Governor, Rochas Okorocha, representing Imo West in the National Assembly said that the #EndSARS protests and movement by the Nigerian youths was then fed up and reacting to years of bad leadership in the country.

Okoracha said and we quote “The #EndSARS protest is not just targeted at the police but a disappointment over economic issues in a nation where we have joblessness and poverty for the youths.

As I speak to you as a senator, I have not received a dime as salary since I became a senator. The point I want to make is that if you look at the allowances given to the senators and break it down for accommodation, transportation among others, it is definitely not out of place.

You cannot bring somebody as a senator and expect him to be a pauper who cannot afford a decent meal.

However, the situation now calls for national sacrifice from the leadership. Even if we are going to turn the senators to live in hostels, let everybody cut down 50 to 70 percent of his or her income so that the youths will also have a sense of belonging that the leaders are making sacrifices.”

What he said above is true but some Nigerian youths do not fully trust him because politicians have been trying to gain their trust by being deceitful and honest hoping that they get votes when the next elections come.

However, Okorocha concluded his speech saying, “The truth is that our lifestyle provokes youths. We must call on leaders, the legislatures and executives, to change our lifestyle as a mark of sacrifice.”

And this is true. Only if all politicians in Nigeria were not greedy and selfish, Nigeria would have been in a better state.