Nnamdi Kanu threatens to disgrace corrupt politicians abroad

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Nazi Nnamdi Kalu, leader of the Indegineous People of Biafra (IPOB), has warned corrupt Nigerian politicians against traveling outside the country.

In a live broadcast, Kanu said his group would publicly disgrace and humiliate corrupt Nigerian political office holder seen in any foreign country.

He said, “Any day any corrupt Nigerian political office holder was sighted in any foreign country, such a person would be publicly disgraced and humiliated.”

Kalu, who was highly aggrieved over the massacre of Nigerian youths protesting against police brutality and bad governance at Lekki Toll Gate, said the ban was with immediate effect.

“From today, October 25, 2020, if we get you abroad, we will disgrace you. Stay at home until you meet the 23 demands of the youths,” he said.

He went further to say, “The children of such politicians schooling abroad will be chased back home by the diaspora Nigerians to enroll in schools which their parents failed to renovate and fund at home,” he added.