Beat maker versus Producer

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Not all beatmakers are producers, but all music producers are dope beat makers.

Every product is first manufactured in the mind, before it is made tangible, ie something you can feel with your 5 senses. If God didn’t create the worlds and us first in His Mind it’ll have been chaos. Words are thoughts expressed so the next level was speaking it into existence. Let there be…

In that case you can completely produce a beat or song without touching one equipment. Deciding to leave those tasks to engineers and others.

Ideas rule the worlds and most hit tracks weren’t processed from scratch by the producer. He who has the ideas for the direction of the beat or track is the producer.

A beat maker has little or no influence on how the song goes. Most times he’s at home or the studio creating the beats. It might be a very dope beat and someone jumps on it. The beat maker has no say or control in how the song goes.

The producer influences not just the beat, but everything. The type of song or direction for the artist. The lyrics, the attitude and many more.

Picture a football club. There are coaches and there’s the manager. A manager is a good coach but not all coaches are managers.

The producer like the manager is responsible for the improvement of the artist. The producer takes responsibility for the outcome of the track.

But just like you need a first degree before you can go do masters, before you can be a dope producer, you must first no how to make dope beats.

Next post will teach you how to create dope beats