Oyinbo man looks smashing in agbada with his 13 groomsmen as he weds his Yoruba bride

A Norwegian man simply identified as Eric embraces the Naija way and steps out in a flowing Agbada outfit to marry his beautiful Yoruba bride. And dare we say, he alongside his impressive lineup of agbada-clad groomsmen looks smashing! Love is a beautiful thing; much more is the love between two people from different parts of the world. It is usually a delight to many when couples from two ends of the geographical rope are tying the knot because there is definitely going to be a colourful synergy of tradition and culture. Eric, a western man who is supposedly Norwegian, glamourously rocked the native Yoruba outfit called Agbada as he wedded his equally elegant Yoruba bride whose maiden name is Aderayo Sanusi Not only that, his groomsmen comprising of a blend of 13 western and African men followed suit by rocking similar Agbada outfits that complemented the groom’s wear. The wedding which happened during the course of the week attracted a large number of people, both from Nigeria and abroad. Most white wedding guests identified with the groom also rocked similar outfits that pretty much is close to what is called “aso ebi” in the Lagos parlance.

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