Ramsey Nouah speaks on his 16 years of marriage

Veteran Nollywood actor, Ramsey Nouah may look like fine gentlemen who always has everything served to him, but this talented actor has shared details of his marriage that proves he knows how to get things done, especially in the kitchen! Nollywood actor and filmmaker, Ramsey Nuoah has continued to maintain a healthy and scandal-free life as an actor and a family man. The prolific actor who got married in 2002, was the ladies’ favourite and thus, how he has manage to remain married is a wonder to fans. In a recent interview, he spoke about his marriage and how he has been able to sustain a happy home despite his status as one of Nollywood’s most sort after actors with a huge female fanbase. Nouah attributed the success of his marriage to his wife’s understanding. He said: “My wife is special. She is not an ordinary woman. She understands things in a way many other women don’t. That is why I say, an actor or actress, has to find that special person. It is not love that will bond you. Forget love, love dies. What sustains the marriage is companionship. If you cannot find companionship in your partner from the beginning, then you do not have a partner.” He went on to add: “Don’t lust after a woman because of her beauty and don’t lust after a guy because he is handsome. You must lust after the companionship that bonds you together. It should be like for some reasons you cannot do without her; for some reasons there is something about her that brings you home. It may be her sense of humour; or the way she keeps the home. Same thing applies for the ladies; there must be something about him that you cannot do without. If this quality is not there, then you don’t have a companion. Speaking on gender roles in his marriage, Ramsey Nouah bragged about his cooking skills, revealing that he doesn’t leave the complete[…]

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