Adele named the richest UK star aged 30 or under

Adele is a sensational singer whose soulful music has swooned the world all over. The British musician has a lot to show for all her musical endeavours and strides. She has just been crowned as the richest musician in the United Kingdom who is aged under 30. According to the released estimates, she is worth about £147.5 million in terms of both monetary and material fortune. This is well about N68 billion naira. This year is in fact the third one in a row that the artist is bagging the crown, and this time, her fortune increased even more by a far reaching sum of £15 million. The under 30 richest artists list that was topped was Adele was compiled by Heat Magazine. She was chosen as the wealthiest based on the yardsticks of her accounts, sales and endorsements. As gathered by, her immense financial boom was due to he huge massive record sales and her world tours especially. Coming second on this list collated by Heat magazine is Ed Sheeran. The well loved musician has an estimated fortune of £94 milllion which is about N48 billion naira. Daniel Radcliffe, a well known actor that starred in the Harry Potter movies came third with an estimated wealth of £87 million (N38 billion naira). Harry Styles is yet another popular singer who graced the list by coming fourth with £58 million His position as fourth was enhanced by his post sales after he left the One Direction group. Then he also had an acting stint in war film Dunkirk as well as a lucrative Gucci campaign. The delectatable Emma Watson who is the star in the popular Beauty and the Beast remake came fifth with £55 million (about N26 billion naira). Without doubt, her role in the blockbuster movie contributed to this. Other listed people in Heat’s compilation include the five members of girl band Little Mix who had a good year (N22 billion), and other One Direction band members[…]

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