I will quit alcohol – Man says after ordering 11 plates of food (photo)

Over the years men and women have been warned about their uncontrollable consumption of alcohol. This was done in order to avoid accidents for those who drive while they are drunk. Also, alcohol addicts are likely to do what they did not plan for be it positive or negative. Such was the case of this young man, who drank to stupor and began doing things he never imagine he would have done on a normal day. Identified as Neyo DonP (@donp69) on Twitter, the young has finally revealed plans to quit drinking after he ordered for 11 plates of food when drunk at a restaurant. His post reads: “I ordered for food this morning while I was drunk and guess what they said I ordered for 11 plates Ofada rice, Semo and efo, Egusi and Semo with Jollof rice… I’m quitting alcohol.” According to him, he disclosed that he ordered for Ofada rice, Semovita with Vegetable/Egusi soup and Jollof rice. Going through his post, the young man further disclosed that the restaurant called him later that night to find out if he was ok and needed more food.

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