Osas and Gbenro rumoured separation is example of the curse of celebrity wedding – Ayo Shonaiya

Celebrity affairs and marriage are usually very controversial, and if truth be said, they are also scandalous in most cases. However, against all hope, many fans look forward to having a relationship between two social personalities work out right. It would, however, appear that these ‘Made in Heaven’ couples are trickling every each time. In this light, it has been rumoured that one of the hottest couple in Nollywood, Osas and Gbenro Ajibade, are separated. This rumour took root when it was discovered that there was a discrepancy in how they follow up each other on Instagram. This was followed by several whispers about their independent activities. It is yet to be known if this news about the duo is really true. Whatever the case, some huge fans of the celebrity couple have taken this matter of their supposed separation to heart. One of which includes Ayo Shonaiya, a film producer, lawyer and music talent agent who has his name imprinted on the shores of the entertainment industry. Ayo in weighing in on the rumoured conflicts in the marriage of the celebrity couple started by giving a disclaimer that told of how it was not his usual habit to involve himself with people he does not know. But then, he quickly added that he knew the duo and a not too personal level, and from his brief contact with them, he had a good impression of them. However, he showed his general discontent at celebrity marriages. For him, the fact that these relationships are in public view was enough to hamper them. For him, this implies that there is a curse woven around them.

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