If NBC’s reason for banning This Is Nigeria is not genuine, I will sue the commission – Falz

– Nigerian rapper Falz gt his satirical song This Is Nigeria banned by the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission (NBC) – It was banned for the line ‘This is Nigeria, look how we living now. Everybody be criminal’ – The lawyer-turned-rapper says he will sue NBC if he discovers that the reason his song was banned was not genuine It is no longer news that lawyer-turned singer Falz’s song This Is Nigeria has been getting not too good reactions from some sector of the country since its release. Some people are not comfortable with the level of satire used in the song. Recently, the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission (NBC) fined a radio station in Jos, Plateau state the sum of N100,000 for playing This Is Nigeria. They claimed the song is unfit for airplay because of the line, ‘This is Nigeria, look how we living now. Everybody be criminal’. NBC stated that the line made the song vulgar and this contravenes section 3.6.1 and of its constitution. Falz has since reacted to the ban of his song by the NBC. The lawyer-turned-singer who is also the son of radical, activist lawyer Femi Falana SAN has said it was ridiculous for the commission to ban his song. He argued that it was not a vulgar song but a socially conscious piece of art which addresses the current issues in the country. The rapper said: “There is absolutely nothing vulgar about the song and I think it is ridiculous that the Nigerian Broadcast Commission singled out the least vulgar line in the song and ascribed it to be the reason they banned the song. It is a very simple and clean song. The only thing is that I was very blunt about the way I talk about things. I do not know maybe some messages in the song hit them and that is the real reason they banned the song. The line was, ‘This is Nigeria, look how we living now. Everybody be criminal.’[…]

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