BBNaija’s Khloe stuns in new photo as she turns 25

Abiri Oluwabusayomi popularly known as Khloe was one of the many who featured in the 2018 edition of the Big Brother Naija reality show. Even after the programme ended, the lady has retained her relevance up till date. Recently, the former BBNaija star celebrated her 25th birthday. To celebrate her new age, the lady took to sharing some beautiful images of herself. These photos fully expressed her mood and expectations for the new year ahead of her. Even before she went into a full celebratory mood for her birthday, Khloe shared a very personal post on Instagram in which she talked about how the past 5 years had been a nightmare. According to her, this period was the first time she was truly happy in about five years. The celebrity gave a hint about the fact that she used to fight depression and was only getting the hang of it. Her post was really touching and gripping as it revealed how she had forged through in spite of the past trauma she had. “Its 7days to my birthday Past 5 years has been a nightmare, ups and downs , tears , fake laughter , rejection . Defeats, fun and much more .. for the past 5years I’m always scared 2 weeks befor my bday due to some personal issues that I ll share on my bday . Trust me when I say Depression is real but I have been given the authority and power to control everything in my life cos God owns me and he gives no room for fears and regrects . Join me on my journey to HALFOF50.”

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