Comedian Bovi threatens to beat up Igodye for messing with memories of his late mother

The recent tussle between Nigerian comedians, Igodye and Bovi has just taken a new turn with the latter threatening to beat up the former. earlier it was reported how Bovi shaded Igodye after he criticised ex-governor Uduaghan’s alleged plan to run for Senate. Igodye had written a lengthy post concerning former Delta state governor Emmanuel Uduaghan’s alleged plan to run for senate in 2019. He detailed why Uduaghan who according to him is 64 years old should not be seeking for elective office instead he should be nominating someone younger to run. I Go Dye who shared a photo of Bovi with former governor Emmanuel Uduaghan, had written: “I GAVE YOU AN OPEN CHALLENGE TO SPEAK FOR DELTAN’S BUT YOU MISQUOTED WINSTON CHURCHILL. BUT FAILED TO USE YOUR OWN QUOTES, AS YOU HAVE ASCRIBED INTELLIGENCE TO YOUR PERSONALITY. This is not an argument or fragmentation of your imagination that is contested,it is the truth against our people that they are using you to divert.I will not reply you again. How much have you being paid to sell your hard YOUR hard earned reputation, as a beautiful Nigeria youth, that grew to become AKPO’S, now Bovi,only to be commissioned as a Baby lawyer by your favourite Governor Uduaghan? Someone whose children are graduating today in London ,while Delta State university is still in decay. what made you to accept a baby lawyer’s appointment ,just to support those that have caused pains to millions of Nigerians? who sleep everyday without a meal. It is not about me, but for the sake of our future. As you are reading this,I want you to realise that someone’s son or daughter is in about engaging in something that is disspeakable, to him or her because of survival,either to be in school , to support their parents who are now old,sick,pensioned denied and living in a rented apartment, while those you are defending are living in glass houses,their children are flying private jets across the world,with[…]

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