Beautiful Cape Town student leaves studies to pursue modelling

A young woman took the bold step to put her education on hold to pursue a career in modelling and her story inspired other tweeps. On Thursday, October 4, a story was shared on social media about a young woman who gave up her studies to follow her dreams. The story of the lady, who was identified as Mbalentle Jacobs, was shared on Twitter by @SheSouthAfrica. She said: “Meet CPT Based @MbalentleJacobs who studied Bsc in Biomedical Science & is currently a teacher. She took the bold decision to drop, take a pause from that degree becoz she want 2 pursue a career in modelling full time – which is why she’s working, 2 invest in herself & her dream.” Jacobs had to overcome various struggles to push forward, we learned she was diagnosed with Bipolar and OCD. “I truly believe in myself which is what keeps me going, I really believe I am destined for great things & luckily I have very supportive friends. Also my faith in God keeps me going becoz I was diagnosed with Bipolar & OCD which has made my life extra hard,” she said.

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