Duncan Mighty bowed for Davido because he was happy – Manager

Days after popular Nigerian musician Duncan Mighty was rebuked for bowing to Davido, his manager has opened up on what led to the incident. The debate escalated after Duncan Mighty shared a video of him bowing to Davido on his Instagram page, the 34-year-old was heavily criticised for coming low to Davido’s level all for a collaboration. In the video, Duncan Mighty appreciated Davido for doing a collaboration with him, saying the new song would open up the entire Niger Delta region and set the space for an unprecedented growth of entertainment in the region. Explaining why Duncan Mighty prostrated himself for Davido, his manager, Michael Gabriel, in a recent chat with The Punch said it was out of sheer happiness. He stated: “Duncan was just happy to have Davido in the Niger Delta; it was the first time he would visit for a video shoot. How many top artistes come to Port Harcourt? Everyone goes to Dubai, South Africa and other places to shoot videos. It is a big deal for someone like Davido to come to Port Harcourt and for Duncan Mighty to collaborate with him as well. He didn’t plan to bow to anyone; he was just excited. But people misinterpreted his gesture. Sometimes, there is no need to react to things like this because you will only give people more reasons to talk. When I mentioned it to him, he just focused on other things and wanted to know the next thing on the agenda.” Gabriel said they didn’t care about the criticism Duncan Mighty had got for his recent gesture to Davido, saying it was a blessing in disguise. He added, “Criticism drives traffic to a brand and it has helped us. We have been in the news for the past two months; so, people can continue to talk while we continue to trend. There is no week Duncan doesn’t have more than 1,000 new followers on Instagram. If you do something, people must talk.[…]

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