I used my urine – Nina claps back at fan who asked what she used to bleach her skin

Although BBNaija reality star, Nina may not be one with a smart mouth but she sure is savage when it comes to giving epic clapbacks. Earlier on,it was reported the news of how some throwback photos of Nina surfaced online. These photos caused quite a reaction on social media due to the change in her skin tone, which is a lot brighter now. Well, Nina may be a sweet angel most of the time but she clearly wasn’t having it with the trolls that have been coming for her ever since the photos surfaced online. A follower had asked her if she bleached and what the name of the bleaching cream was. Well, she definitely wasn’t ready for the response she got as Nina gave a hilarious response, asking her to use urine because it works. Recall a while back, the reality star and CEO of Nina’s Empire wasunder fire from followers after she stepped out in a Gucci tracksuitwhich many people believe was fake. The trolling got so bad, she had to deactivate her comments on the post. Well, it appears she was ready for the trolls this time around.

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