Heartbreaking! A Mother Butchered Her Six Month Old Baby And Put The Parts In A Cooking Pot.

Reports from Pitoa in Badjenga Village, North district of Cameroon a woman butchered her 6 months old child into pieces like meat and put the parts in a cooking pot. It was reported that she also tried butchering her other 2-year-old baby when neighbors came to the child’s rescue. It’s still unknown what made her kill her child in such manner. She has been arrested by the police in Pitoa with investigations set to begin. But the neighbors refused and made comments about the investigation that’s to be carried out on the case. They said; “Which investigation? There are evidence on ground already and you people are talking about investigations.” Another said: “Even a mad woman will not do that to her half one month old baby not to talk of half month old, she wanted to cook the child and eat due to hunger.” While another neighbor said again: “What a wicked world.”

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