Hilarious reactions as Twitter users can’t believe this gorgeous woman is 50 years old

A Twitter user identified as Joyisabelllla has left many internet users stunned with her drop dead gorgeous look. The middle-aged woman who recently clocked 50 shared photos of herself on social media and everyone is doubting her age. It’s either Joyisabelllla is aging backwards or she has the most incredible genes on the planet. There are many women who look beautiful and fit in their 50s but only a few could pass for 19 and this one lady can pose as a much younger woman and everyone on the planet will believe her. Asides from being completely gorgeous, the middle-aged woman looks nothing like her age and if Cleopatra were reincarnated, this could probably be her. The photos have left many internet users stunned and asking for her skin regimen. Joy who is aware of her gorgeousness shred the photos and stated she makes being 50 years of age look good and frankly, she does.

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