ADC wants Nigeria to learn from US elections

On Wednesday, the African Diaspora Congress (ADC) said that Nigeria could actually learn from the U.S. electoral process, so as to build on democratic gains within the country. In a telephone interview with the newsmen in Abuja, the Secretary-General and Public Relations Officer of ADC, Prof. Apollos Nwauwa, made this public. According to Nwauwa, who is also Chairman of the Nigerian Diaspora Movement (NDM), the result of the current U.S. election would definitely reshape not only the United States of America but the whole world entirely. Nwauwa said, “Nigeria can learn from the U.S. electoral system that decentralizes the process and farm them out to the States and Counties. “There is no Independent National Electoral Commission controlling anything from a central location. “Centralization of command and control of national election breeds inefficiency, loss of control, manipulation and chaos. “Nigeria should adopt this process and allow for early voting.” Prof. Nwauwa stated that there was a massive turnout by voters in the election, as a result of President Donald Trump’s policies and behaviour in seat. He said that although Trump’s policies and behaviour enraged some Americans, but there are other citizens who love him. “The current U.S. experience with politics is a mixed bag for democracy; on the one hand, efforts to suppress votes have produced unintended consequences, more people than ever have been energized to vote for or against Trump. “On the other hand, Trump is putting strains on the main tenets of democracy by spreading disinformation about fraudulent ballots and votes that are not really there. “He has shown that democracy can be manipulated to produce hideous results, but the divide in the U.S. has not been entirely Trump’s fault. “America has been like this for a while; Trump’s coming only exacerbated the tension and bigotry as he became an unapologetic spokesperson for those he often referred to as silent majority,” he added. He also said that if Trump is re-elected, it would result in continuing the social and[…]

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