Cute photo of Yvonne Nelson’s baby girl as she clocks 1

Yvonne Nelson is a popular Ghanaian actress whose beautiful looks has earned her a place in the hearts of many men. It was against this backdrop that it was announced last year that the celebrity was pregnant and was expecting a baby girl. Apparently, many people were stunned at this revelation. But then, as soon as many people were able to get past the initial shock at her pregnancy, they turned focus on the identity of the baby she is expecting. As it turned out, Yvonne Nelson unveiled her baby girl upon birth, and dare we say, the cuteness of her little kid won many to her side. A year forward and Ryn Roberts, as Yvonne Nelson’s pretty little girl is called, has turned one. The name Ryn is a Welsh name which means Ruler. If anything, the young beauty is treated just the way her name suggests. The mother of the lovely kid took to her Instagram page to loud this: “My baby is 1 @rynroberts #thankyoujesus.” Ryn’s father is Jamie Roberts, a celebrity photographer prolific for his high profile photo shoots with Ghanaian actresses and actors. The proud daddy also took to celebrating his daughter with a caption that revealed quite a lot of details. Not only did it reveal that Jamie loves his daughter just as much as he loved her mother, it also showed that the photographer already has two children before he had Ryn. See his full caption below: “Just when you think God can’t bless you any further He will bestow upon you the greatest of blessings. HUGE happy 1st birthday to my lil Princess @rynroberts. The year has FLOWN by and I couldn’t be more proud of how you have already turned out to be such a wonderful little girl, full of laughter, jokes and love… but very stubborn like your mother . You also may look like your brother but behave like your sister and I couldn’t be happier about that. @yvonnenelsongh[…]

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