Comedian AY covers daughter with blood of Jesus from actress Angela Okorie son’s charm

– Nollywood actress, Angela Okorie, shared a cute photo of her son on Instagram – The young boy’s good looks has raised a lot of reactions – Nigerian comedian, Ayo Makun, also reacted to the photo by protecting his daughter with the blood of God Nollywood actress, Angela Okorie, is a light skinned beautiful woman, and it is apparent where her 7-year-old son got his good looks from. Angela is fond of showing off her son’s good looks on social media and she recently shared another photo of her son on her Instagram page. The good looking boy whose name is Chamberline has made several social media users pensive after seeing his photo, and comedian, Ayo Makun, better known as AY is not left out. He made his fear known in his comment under the photo the actress posted of her son. AY tried to be a protective father by praying that his daughter should be covered by the blood of God Chamberline’s charming looks leaves no doubt in the minds of many that ‘girls will rush him.’

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