Hilarious throwback photo of Davido and his cousin trends online

It’s not every day one gets to see throwback photos of popular Nigerian singer Davido. The ones easily found are not released by close family members unlike the one that was recently ‘discovered’. Tunji Adeleke, Davido’s cousin took to his Twitter account to share a funny photo showing him and Davido in primary school. See his post below: “I DIDN’T MOULD MY HEAD, I AM NOT MY DOCTOR. DAVID @iam_Davido IS NOT AS INNOCENT AS HE LOOKS. SIT BACK, RELAX AND ENJOY THE THROWBACK. TAG THE OTHERS IF U KNOW THEM.” This is coming after some Nigerians labelled Davido a living legend after he released his latest song titled Nwa baby. He further revealed he is not interested in becoming an international musician. “To be honest, me, I’m not into this international stuff but I’m really doing it because I’m one of those people pioneering this movement. I have to put a cape on my back and do it for the culture but I always prefer being at home.” The dad of two also revealed that his sophomore album wil be released in September 2018. “Yeah I’m dropping my album very soon, in September, and some new singles coming out, which actually might drop this week.”

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