NULGE leadership crisis worsens as panel rejects new exco

On Sunday, the internal crisis that has taken its toll on the Nigeria Union of Local Government Employees with its National Caretaker Committee declaring the appointment of Ahmed Labbo as illegal. The NCTC also referred the appointment as a rape on the constitution of the NULGE and an affront on the rule of law. According to reports,  Labbo was appointed the National President of NULGE, following the death of Alhaji Ibrahim Khaleel. The NCTC described Labbo’s appointment as “an improper way to honour and immortalise Khaleel, the instructor of the peace process.” Khaleel was said to have died on October 7, few hours after one of their reconciliatory meetings with the IG team, where both parties agreed to submit, the following week, their different templates for a peaceful resolution of the crisis.

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