Fan shades Davido, asks for his private jet after he complained of delayed flight to Kenya

– Davido is getting roasted on social media – The singer recently made an announcement on social media, that he couldn’t make it Kenya for a billed performance, due to flight issues – A Twitter user identified as Cutyeking then replied, asking about his private jet and Davido responded savagely When you make your business public, there’s no limit to the taunting social media users will direct your way when it comes down to it. It was all fun and money-spending when Davido purchased his private jet and announced it on social media. Recently, the singer had to do some explaining to a fan who shaded him about his jet. Apparently, Obo was billed to perform in Nairobi, Kenya but couldn’t make it because of flight issues. He immediately announced the unfortunate situation on his Twitter page, apologising to his fans. While some understood his position, one fan was concerned that Davido was stranded over flight issues when it is public knowledge that he owns a private jet. The Twitter user identified as Cutyeking then asked about his private jet, which he expected will be his mode of transportation to any where in the world because, well, if you’ve got it, flaunt it and in this case, make use of it!

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