Nigerian musician Djinee opens up about his accident

– Nigerian veteran musician, Djinee, was recently involved in a ghastly motor accident – Luckily, he narrowly escaped what could have killed him – Just recently, he opened about his journey to recovery, asking Nigerians to pray for him Veteran Nigerian musician, Djinee, recently opened up about his recovery journey following a recent tragedy that almost claimed his life. earlier it was shared details of how the musician was involved in a ghastly motor accident that totaled his car as well as send him to the hospital unconscious. Since his miraculously recovery, the singer shared a post on Instagram, asking people to put him in their prayers. Since the accident, the post stands at the first time he will open up about the accident. He revealed that the incident has sent him to frequent visits at the hospital and the the week after the tragedy has led to one issue to another. We wish the singer a speedy recovery. In the same light, just recently, a pastor escaped death after working out of a motor accident unscratched. The pastor revealed he couldn’t believe that he would survived a crash that destoryed a car like that of his.

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