Governor El-Rufai takes break from social media

Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna state has announced that he is taking a few days break from social media for some personal reasons. El-Rufai made the announcement in a Facebook post on Sunday, August 5, where he said there are times when one needs to be alone from the chaos and anarchy that pervades everyday life He said: “Beauty and Strength of Solitude: There come times when one has to be alone; “In solitude for one to rest, sleep, pray, reflect and think through issues deferred; Away and far from the chaos and apparent anarchy that pervades our lives; With phones switched off, social media handles frozen and iPads packed away; Forgive me all, but I am going to be on break for a few days; “In a place and space very far away from what my life has been these past few years.”

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