I had my first love at the age of 13 – Singer Simi reveals

It has now become a norm for secondary school students to be proud of showing off their boyfriends or girlfriends on social media. Some even feel to introduce them to their parents and talk freely about it when with friends. Some of these relationships tend to stand the test of time has they continue dating while in the university and still end up walking down the aisle while others hit the rocks on the day of their valedictory service. Talented Nigerian singer Simisola in an interview revealed how she met the first love of her life. Simi without thinking too much disclosed that she met her first love at the age of 13 while in secondary school. She added that it was not so perfect because the guy changed school but they met years later after secondary school. She said: “My first love? I met him when I was 13 and in SS1. I was just about to turn 14 and he just came to my school. How do you really explain that as a child? But it did happen, and he left my school after a while, so we drifted apart. Then we met somewhere again. We drifted apart again and then that was it.” The songstress also opened up on being in a romantic relationship at the moment. According to her, she wished that the young man is the man for her as she believes that relationships should not just be for leisure but if he is not the man for her, no problem. Simi said: “Well, I hope he is the one because I don’t think relationships should just be for leisure. I can’t really speak for anybody but for me. If I am giving you an access to that part of my life then it has to be worth my while and worth his while as well. But I can’t force it though, if he is the one, fine and if not, fine.”

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