Twitter user narrates his funny experience after he attended a pillow’s wedding

In Nigeria today, weddings are huge affairs. Couples and their families are known to try and outdo one another with their weddings. Some families even go to great lengths to have memorable one. Another trend in Nigeria is weddings done in absentia. This is when one of the couple or both couples are not around to attend their wedding, so they organise a wedding for their families to attend. A Twitter user identified as Daddy Tola shared his funny experience after he attended a wedding that the bride and groom were represented by printed pillows. Daddy Tola’s wedding experience generated a lot of reactions from Twitter users. Some shared that they had experienced something similar, while others found the practice strange. In a recent interview, he said: “Marriage is a teamwork and you should be the one that your partner can depend on and it goes both ways. That is the way we operate, there is no big deal in being my wife’s photographer or taking pictures of my wife. What is it in taking pictures of my wife?”

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