Hilarious T-shirt depicting Davido and Chioma goes viral

Nigerians are very inventive people who can make a trend out of anything and anyone. In this regard, the love story of Davido and Chioma has birthed quite a lot of inventions. A T-shirt displaying the duo is evident of this. The T-shirt, which was on display at an open market, portrayed Davido and Chioma in a culinary mood. This has attracted the attention of many people causing it to go viral. On the yellow background of the T-shirt, Davido in a cap turned backwards was making some gesture to Chioma who was wearing a chef’s full attire and holding a cooking spoon. Then the words “Davido Assurance” was written beneath the pair. The photo of the hilarious T-shirt was shared on an Instagram fan page. Many people couldn’t have enough of the creatively designed shirt even as the fans of the celebrity lovebirds acknowledged that it was a culture of Nigerians to celebrate love in such manner. One of those who commented on the shared image of the T-shirt made the point of saying that it was the handiwork of ‘Aba boys’ who are infamous for making T-shirts out of just about any phenomenon that is in vogue.

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