Man narrates how his friend got into ‘trouble’ after treating hit and run victim

A Nigerian man has taken to social media to narrate how his friend was forced to pay the bills of a hit and run victim after she was brought to the hospital for treatment. Sometimes good deeds don’t always get rewarded and this clearly reflects in the story of a Nigerian man. According to this Twitter user identified as Femi, his friend is currently being made to pay N9,000 to the hospital. In his post, he stated that the girl who was a victim of hit and run was rushed to the hospital where his friend works. In order to save her from dying, he immediately commenced treatment without demanding for money from the relatives. However, when the time came for them to foot the bills, they were unable to. Femi wrote on Twitter,”A girl was hit by a car and then rushed to my guy’s hospital. Man gave her Iv fluids,blood etc and then referred her to a tertiary hospital. Getting her relatives to pay the bills at the private hospital is now atomic physics. Guess who’s paying the 9k out of his 80k salary?”

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