Keke Napep converted to a hospital ambulance

– A Twitter account recently shared photos of a tricycle that was converted to a hospital ambulance – This however, caused several reactions on social media regarding its functionality and efficiency – While many people applauded it, others felt it was useless and even dangerous It is no news that the depressing state of the healthcare system in Nigeria is witnessing a downward spiral as the mortality continues to be on the rise. In some areas, access to healthcare still remains a myth. Well, just like the saying goes; when the desirable is not available, the available becomes desirable, some persons have created a hospital ambulance out of tricycle popularly known as Keke NAPEP. While the tricycle may not meet all the necessary standards to transport a victim in need of medical attention, it will surely be of immense help in areas where vehicles do not commonly tread. Although this innovative invention can be considered impressive and helpful, considering the situation of things in the country, it was welcomed with a lot of mixed reactions. While some people thought this would do a lot of good especially in remote settlements, others condemned the idea, stating that it wasn’t carefully thought out.

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