Singer Small Doctor narrates how a big fan blessed his mother with a huge sum of money

Nigerian singer Small Doctor is one musician whose rise to fame happened in an unexpected, noteworthy manner. The young entertainer who became a force to be reckoned with after his hit song Penalty has amassed a number of fans who hold him in high esteem. Even more, the singer recently shared a story that showed just how much he has been blessed by his fans and followers. The event revolved around a wealthy lady of his who showed her appreciation and love for everything he embodies by sending his mother a huge sum of money. Even before the woman gifted Small Doctor’s mother with a sum of money worth ‘so many zeros’, she had helped save his career and reputation by clearing the road for him when he was stuck in a traffic jam while on his way to a show he was already late for. According to him, his management had told him he was due to perform by 10pm rather than the 5:30pm for which the programme was due for. On his way from Ibadan to Lagos, he was held up in a traffic congestion. This lady, however, helped calm the storm by sending in armed men to control the traffic. Afterwards, this big fan of his asked him to send his mother’s account. She then sent a huge amount of money to his mom who he adulates and calls Iya Teacher in his songs. “I HAVE A STORY TO TELL… One Fateful Day I Got A Mail From The Management Stating I Have A Show In Ibadan For 2pm And Also Another In Lagos For 10pm The Same Day. Fast Forward To The Show Day. Immediately I Finished Performing In Ibadan, Back To The Hotel Room For A Little Rest Before We Embark On Our Journey To Lagos For The 10pm Performance. Boom We Got Another Call From The Booking Desk Saying My Call Time In Lagos Is 5:30pm That It Was A Mistake. Immediately I Checked[…]

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