Hykon Ace Enterprise Is 12 years old

Hurray! Hurray!! Hurray!!! Hykon Ace Enterprise marks its 12-years of being in existence. Briefly, let’s take you through on what Hykon Ace Enterprise is all about; As the Nigerian entertainment industry grows faster Hykon Ace provides innovative strategic engagement such as visuals, audio, events planning, they invest in movie production, promotion, digital distribution and event planning. Hykon Ace is currently giving actors and actresses home and abroad a step to build their career and earn a decent living. We help our clients in developing innovative technology using web application to bring live ideas. We also renders such as Bulk SMS, voice SMS, interactive voice response (IVR), video or audio monetization, caller ring back tune, etc. Hykon Ace is the provider of Data reward in Nigeria and help brands reach their target audience. Having said all that, we celebrate the management and the staffs of this great enterprise for all your outstanding¬† effort in growing a better nation . kudos….

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