Trouble in paradise? Sonia Ogbonna removes her husband’s name

It appears there might be another relationship scandal in the Nigerian entertainment industry as IK Ogbonna and his wife, Sonia seem to have drifted apart, thus causing breakup rumour. A while back, Sonia Ogbonna got people talking after she was videoed in the club ‘rocking’ an unidentified man. Well, she didn’t seem to mind what people thought about her behaviour as she repeated the same thing with yet another man. This behaviour on her part, caused many people to suspect that the relationship between Nollywood actor/model, Ik Ogbonna and the relationship expert/ life coach was probably going through some tough times. Sparking more breakup speculations is the fact that not only has the mother of one yanked his name off her Instagram page, pictures of the actor can no longer be found on the page. The couple who each had a loved up photo of themselves as their Instagram profile photos, have replaced it with single photos of themselves. The rumour has caused quite a reaction on social media. This is due to the fact that Sonia Ogbonna is known for dishing out relationship advice on social media. If found to be true, their alleged failed relationship will add to the growing statistics of failed celebrity marriages in the industry.

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