I’m not only a snack, I am a full bakery – Anita Joseph praises self as she shares new photos

Some Nigerian women are specially blessed with a lovely figure from God, and some of them try to keep their curves undercover so as not to cause havoc in the society. However, some others love to show off their curves and the attention it brings them. After all, the popular statement: “If you have it, flaunt it”, was probably coined by such a person. One of such personalities who love to flaunt her curves is Nollywood actress, Anita Joseph. The hour glass shaped actress has broken the internet several times with photos of her curves and she doesn’t seem to want to stop showing them off anytime soon. In a recent photo posted on her Instagram page, Anita Joseph posted a photo that would make most men drool, and she also revealed that she is more than a snack, but that she is a full bakery who is ready to forever feed who can take care of her. This perhaps means that she is willing to be loyal to a good and responsible man who can take care of her. Several talented Nollywood actresses are still unmarried, perhaps due to the hectic nature of their jobs, but this doesn’t mean that they would not make good wives.

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