Juliet Ibrahim’s ex-boyfriend IceBerg Slim takes a swipe at the actress, talks about ‘toxic people’

– It appears things are rusty between Julet Ibrahim and ex-boyfriend, IceBerg Slim – In a recent interview, Juilet opened up about things ending on mutual terms – However, IceBerg’s recent post on social media suggests that things might have ended uglier than people imagine Earlier, Legit.ng reported how actress, Juilet Ibrahim opened up about her soiled relationship with IceBerg Slim. The ivory actress revealed that they went their separate ways after mutually agreeing that the relationship wasn’t working anymore. While Ibrahim tried to paint a photo of them going apart peacefully, IceBerg recently hinted that fire might have been on the mountain. He shared a post on social media recently, where he appeared to be shading his girlfriend and referring to her as ‘toxic people.’ His post made it seem that the couple had a huge fight that ruined the relationship which lasted over a year. Many fans thought it disappointing as some were counting down to the lovers walking down the aisle but had their hopes diced, when they called it quits. With IceBerg’s recent post, it seems there might not be hope for the himself and Juilet to get back together and they might have ended it for good. Interestingly, the couple once got matching tattoos, it is unclear whether they will erase it now that they are no longer together. Meanwhile, in a recent post, Juilet Ibrahim opinionated men who don’t take care of their women because she’s independent are only making way for another man to step in and do it for him. Many fans immediately concluded she was shading her ex, Iceberg Slim.

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