5-year-old Mia Aflalo stuns internet with her insanely gorgeous hair

Young kids are known to have short hair, and this is not surprising seeing as they are new in the world. It, however, comes as a surprise when some kids have very lengthy manes, even longer than that of adults. An adorable five-year-old girl is stunning social media users around the world with her insanely gorgeous hair. Mia Aflalo Shunem, from Israel, is already being touted as a future modelling star, according to Daily Mail. Her recently established Instagram profile has racked up an astonishing 55,000 followers so. This is despite having only 12 posts currently. Mia’s fans marvel at her long and luscious black hair as well as her striking green eyes and magnetic smile. The popular British Vogue magazine has already featured little Mia on its website. Her hair stylist is Sagi Dahary from Israel. In an interview, Sagi said Mia is easy to work with as a model because she is patient and ever-smiling. Sagi and other fans have already compared the beautiful Mia with actress and singer Jeniffer Lopez. However, some online users have cautioned against depriving Mia of her childhood. They argue that fame could get in the way of her being a normal kid.

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