Heartbroken woman kills children and herself after husband faked death for insurance payout

The love of money has led some men into doing what many would not even consider, and it might not just affect them but also their loved ones. Legit.ng has gathered that a man in China identified only by his last name, He, bought a life insurance policy worth 1 million yuan, which is about N52 million, without telling his wife. He proceeded to faking his own death by driving a rented car into a river so that his family would be able to claim the life insurance reward. In a twist of events, his heart broken wife, Dai Guihua, decided to kill herself so as to join her husband. In a note posted on WeChat, Guihua revealed that she would have left the world alone but she did not want to leave her children behind. She wrote: “I wanted to leave by myself, but thinking that my children would suffer without both their parents, I decided to take them with me.” The note led to a search, and Guihua’s body and that of her two children, aged four and two respectively. were found inside a lake close to their home in Langtang township. According to reports, He decided to commit insurance fraud because of debts the family had incurred due to their daughter’s medical bills for epilepsy as well as for car loans. He eventually surrendered himself to the police after getting wind of his wife and children’s’ deaths. In other news, it was reported that a woman who became paralysed after falling off bed during intimacy session with lover sues manufacturers in the UK. Claire Busby, suffered a very big change to her body after she was left paralysed during a making out session. According to her, she toppled off the bed while she was trying to change positions as she landed dangerously on her head and heard a spring in her body snap.

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